Saturday, August 4, 2007

Event Placement Secured: TINA

Last week I met with Marnie Jackson, the festival co-ordinator from the This Is Not Art (TINA) festival for an interview and was lucky enough to secure my event placement at TINA.

TINA is a five day festival held from the 27th September until the 1st October. It is Australia's premier independent arts and new media festival. The festival this year will feature five heady days of creative over-stimulus with workshops, exhibitions, performances, gigs and events.

My role at TINA will be heavily focused around the promotion of the event, using the media and communication skills I have built through my employment at the Maitland Mercury, as the Media Officer at NUSA (Editor of Opus), my job at the Sun Herald: Hunter Extra and experience such as Surfest.

My primary roles will include:

  • Assisting the publicity team in pre-event publications, print and radio media
  • Web coverage management
  • Daily reporting at the event (which will include photography and creating and uploading web content)
  • Managing the TINA e-list
  • Co-ordinating the Bike Library event, including the radio and press drive
I am really excited about the opportunity to contribute to TINA and work with the rest of the TINA team to see the event come together. I'm looking forward to increasing my skills past the realms of newspaper and magazine journalism - in other words, doing some public relations work in the field. I think the place I will most develop this untapped part of myself will be in the co-ordination and management of the 'Bike Library'. Actually having my own section of the event to organise and co-ordinate is a scary, yet exciting prospect.

I am starting my placement there on the coming Tuesday, so I aim to gain a more rounded understanding of my role at TINA and then I will have more updates.


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