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Time for TINA approaches

It's nearly here and yet there is still soooooo much to do!

My time has been focused around media, media media. To put it simply, we've pretty much got the actual organisation of the event under control, but no-one even knows about it (well maybe that's an exxageration, but we need to get it out there more).

I've been working on a huge amount of media covering so many different angles. The thing with TINA is, because there is so much going on at the event, it means we need to try and cover it all - in one page press releases! Very difficult.

Here is some examples of the work I have been doing:


11 September 2007


Want to get rid of those spare bike parts and daggy old helmets taking up space in the garage? Sick of looking at that pile of rusting bike locks and lights? Why not donate them to the 2007 This Is Not Art Bike Corral?

The Bike Corral is a new event at the 2007 This Is Not Art festival and are we are desperately seeking old and used bike parts to repair and restore for the event.

Together with This Is Not Art, the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre will offer free bikes and tips on how to fix them yourself at the Bike Corral- in less than two hours!

During the festival, people can drop into the Bike Corral for a personalised workshop on repairing and reclaiming a bike destined for the tip.

To run the DIY workshops, we are seeking an array of old bike materials including adult helmets, bike locks, lights for safe riding, and any other spare parts people can donate.

Anyone wishing to donate broken bikes and bits, can deliver them to the Newcastle Bike Ecology Centre, 106 Robert St, Islington, between 8am and 7pm daily.

Also at the Bike Library , people pay a refundable $20 deposit for a ready-to-ride pushbike to borrow for the course of the festival. Bikes which were previously junk have been repaired by volunteers so that visitors to Newcastle can have clean and cheap transport for the duration of their stay. Old helmets will help make this a safe option too!

The Bike Corral is part of more than 200 events to be held at the 2007 This Is Not Art festival, which is Australia's largest independent, experimental and emerging media and arts festival. It will be an excellent opportunity for Novocastrians to take part in a clean energy initiative, with the added bonuses of cheap transportation and and recycling.

And you get rid of your junk too!

For more information visit


Media Contact: Marni Jackson

This Is Not Art Festival Coordinator

Phone: 0423 613 904



So that was something for the Bike Corral Event I am organising.


11 September 2007


This Is Not Art is Australia’s premier festival for independent, emerging and experimental arts, engaging the nation’s most exciting culture makers for five days of panel discussions, hands on workshops, exhibitions, performances, screenings and presentations. From Thursday 27 September – Monday 01 October 2007 Newcastle hosts more than 200 free events which invite you to engage with current trends in media, music, writing, electronic arts and critical research.

This year a series of exciting visual arts exhibitions adorn the program, bringing a dynamic group of artists for our workshops and panels. Exhibitions include ARTETEXT, an interdisciplinary investigation into the use of language in art, an exhibit of comics and adjoining panels and workshops, a shop front full of wearable art from
reSkin Wearable Technology Lab, and an entirely online exhibit of current Australian and International Net art practices.

Head to the website for full details on all exhibitions and artists.


Podspace Gallery: 3/231 King St, Newcastle NSW

Opening Friday 28 September, 17:30 – 18:30.

This Is Not Art presents an exhibition of visual, installation and sound art that takes and transforms text. Discover the madness of life in a Darwin housing commission, find desire in the erasure of old books, control your world through braille or lose yourself in the sound of words under extreme pressure. Featuring works by Chayni Henry, James Stuart, Justy Phillips, Rebecca Giggs, DKDC Collective, Jeremy Arie John Bakker, Krista Berga, Stranger of the Month, James Newitt, Jessical Tyrell, Nicolas Low and Thomas Knox Arnold.

Taking eye-candy from strangers: the NYWF comics exhibition

Sushi & Cigarettes: 305 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW

Opening: Friday 28 September 17:00 – 18:00

Shift your reality into the second dimension and enter the weird world of Australian comics. It’s a mini-showcase of sequential art, with artists bringing their twisted worlds to life on the backs of napkins, in full-colour mags, on walls, in graphic novels and more. Featuring Ben Constantine, Jo Waite, Shaun Tan, David Blumenstein, Mel Stringer, Tony Newton, Hayden Fryer and Nicki Greenberg.

Wear Now Shopfront Exhibition

High Tea with Mrs Woo: 74 Darby Street, Newcastle NSW

Opening Thursday 27 September 17:00 – 18:00

An exhibition of works from the reSkin Wearable Technology Lab integrating electronics and new materials into traditional craft practices and design. Featuring works by Alexandra Gillespie, Keith Armstrong, Celia Heffer, Leah Heiss, High Tea with Mrs Woo and Sarah Kettley.


Launching 27 September

Electro-Online 07 samples current Australian and International Net art practices. A gateway to different constellations of works, it presents the navigator with a choice of trail and invites discoveries en route. Featuring works by Aaron Oldenburg, Alan Bigelow, Alan Perlin, Alexander Mouton, Anders Weberg & Robert Willim, Andy McKeown, Annabel Castro Meager, Dennis-Kratz, Francesca Roncagliolo, Heather Raikes, Henry Gwiazda, Jody Zellen, judsoN, Kate Pullinger & Chris Joseph, mez breeze, Michael Takeo Magruder, Olivier Vanderaa, Peter Horvath, Richard Vickers, sadmb (Sadam Fujioka + Osamu Sambuichi), Stanza, Pip Shea and Jenny Fraser.

Special Event

This Is Not Art Art Walk Walk

Meet at: TAFE Front Room Gallery, 590-602 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW

Friday 28 September

This guided walk and talk will take in all of the festival Art Sites - galleries, shop windows, and The Lock-up’s prison cells. Starting at 3pm, the tour then winds its way through the city centre, finishing the excursion with a free bus back to the Podspace exhibition opening at 5.30pm. A great way to see all of the works, with some insider info from the artists and curators.

Several of the artists across the exhibitions will be in situ for their exhibition launches on Thursday or Friday – check out the Exhibitions link on the Online Program for more details.

Exhibition artists are involved with additional programmed events, including artist presentations and panel discussions.

For more information on the exhibitions, artists (including other events these artists are involved in), openings and the full program of events, visit


Media Contact: Claire Hargreave

This Is Not Art Publicity Coordinator

Phone: 0406 159 062

02 4927 1475


And that was one on the event as a whole

At the moment, I'm working on specialised releases so we can get lots of local coverage.

More on them tomorrow once I have them done.


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