Friday, August 31, 2007

A month until TINA

One month from now, TINA would be in full swing. That's a scary thought considering there is so much that needs to be done!

I have been working on the actual event in terms of venue and venue management. I have been confirming bookings for all events at venues and in what times. What I have also done is make a up a program for each venue regarding what events will be held there and when - like a personalised program just for each venue. Doing this for all venues which hold more than 200 events proved to be quite a large job. I have however developed some new skills in terms of databases. I've used an excel spreadsheet with sort functions to make my tasks a lot easier and I'm so grateful Marni has shown me this for it is something I could see myself using everyday in a public relations role.

The program for TINA is also nearly complete and I have been working with our graphic designer and doing all the jobs that take up time - but none the less need to be done. Things like making up adverts for our sponsors who do not have their own ads and making sure they are in jpg or gif (and small size) for the net and eps format for print.

This has been a real eye opener in how to work in a team, something which I know I am not particularly good at. I have always been really hesitant about having to rely on other people to get things done, mostly because I have been let down before and have adopted a rather pessimistic perspective of, to get the job done and done well, you have to do it yourself. It has actually been quite refreshing to feel I am working collaboratively with a team of people to accomplish something at the end. I'm not admitting I've found it easy because I always still have that feeling where I need to be in control and doeverything so it gets done right, but with an event like TINA, you see this physically and mentally impossible and I've really had to work on putting trust in other people.

As a side role, I have hit two birds with the one stone this week, doing a story onTINA for my job at the Sun Herald: Hunter Extra. This not only benefits TINA, but it helps me too!

I am meeting with the current TINA publicity team later today. They are keen to use my skills in PR and journalism to their benefit, as none of them have media experience like this. I am keen to help and I feel this is the place where I know can contribute loads and loads. More to report on that later.


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