Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Media for the Hunter

The other day I met with Claire Hargreave and Jess Singleton - the two lovely ladies who have been doing promotion all around Australia. They have been doing a fantastic job getting adverts around the place and securing sponsorship from all of Australia - which is really exciting to see come together. But now for the Hunter.

Because the Hunter is the area where I really know my stuff (or think I do :p) it was decided that I would take the lead with this one. So, I did up a media plan for us to use between now and the actual festival, and a different one for media to be covered during the festival. The media plan basically outlined all the different media outlets (and their contacts), what message we would be sending to them and when we would target them.

The thing with Newcastle is that we are so locally focused - so I did a general release about TINA 2007 and some of the exciting and new things that are happening, I am going to actually try and make some releases personal and target actual events which have local performers in them. This has the added benefit of pic opportunities. One of the things I've learnt through my time at The Maitland Mercury and The Sun Herald: Hunter Extra is that local people want to read about local people and local issues. So hopefully this will work.

I have a million and one releases to write up so I have to get to it.


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