Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day one goes off with a blast

It's 1.37 in the morning and I have just arrived home from the first day of This Is Not Art 2007.


There is nothing like seeing something so many people have devoted their lives to, come to fruition. Today went so amazingly well. Because my mind and body is one million per cent exhausted, I won't be able to remember everything. But the first event we had today was packed out - and it's only Thursday!

We've had a few glitches website wise which I am trying to fix. I'm noticing a whole heap of things haven't been updated, so got to do that.

I actually attended one part of the event today - the student media roundtable and discussion. More on that in later posts, but it was wonderful to get to participate in the actual event. I realise this often isn't the reality, but things just seemed to work out for me today.

The launch was HUGE! There were so many people there and the place was buzzing. I got to socialise/direct and assist media and VIP guests for two hours, before jumping behind the bar and serving beer all night. It was still amazing though.

We've had some great coverage in the media the last couple of days. We've been in the Post, the Star, the Daily Telegraph, The Newcastle Herald. I've also done some stuff for the Sun Herald on the weekend. So it's all systems go. Tomorrow (which is now actually today) will be much bigger because we'll have to help TV crews tomorrow. YAY!

I've also met an array of amazing people who are so valuable to know. The networking here just blows me away. People like Marcus Westbury, who was one of the original founders of TINA and has just finished producing his own TV series which is being screened on ABC, are people in the industry who are amazing to know and listen to and have there as a friend and contact. There's so many more, but my brain is too tired to think.

I feel so worn out but like I've accomplished so much personally and as part of TINA.

Tomorrow, my event (the bike corral) starts, so I have to now get some sleep so I can get up and set up early.


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