Thursday, September 27, 2007

day two of TINA 2007

It's morning and I feel like I haven't slept. This is the reality when it comes to event management I guess.

Today the Bike Corral starts. Dan, my other half of co-ordination team, has just been at my place and we've been collaborating and getting ready to go into the city and set up. Real exciting.
I also have to go and do drop offs for head count sheets. We have recruited a whole heap of vollies to come in and do head counts at each of the events and venues to see how many people we have coming to the event.

Last night was the modular party - at 6pm (3hrs before event) we had sold more than 200 tickets! - an amazing effort and a real indication of how exciting TINA is for this year.

There are a couple of higher profile events happening today which I will be covering, which include The 2007 Soapbox Election with Charles Firth from The Chaser and also the Balkan Gypsy Wedding featuring Mojo Juju and The Snake Oil Merchants - a local band who are a real crowd pleaser.

Also working on the bar again.

This morning though, I have to drum up some more media attention and get some people down there.

Got to get to it.

Until this afternoon/night,


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