Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stress has set in

Whooo.....stress less is the mantra for this week.

Today is Tuesday. The event starts on Thursday. Still so many problems with accommodation, catering and insurance. Hmmm......little things keep popping up, which take up time and take me away from the big picture: TINA as a whole. My mind is mixed up as this entry will identify. Things will just pop into my head and I have to get them out or I will forget them. It comes from always thinking about what needs doing. And on top of this, I was, just yesterday, diagnosed with tonsillitis. I really just want to be in bed resting but I can't. I love TINA.

Bike Corral is nearly ok. I have all the material at my house and it won't fit in my car. Not like there is too much, but it is too big and my car is only small! I can't bring my star pickets in – which we need! Hmmmmm....not sure how they are going to get into the heart of Newcastle yet. Still have to make up registrations. Had a positive response from media callout and press drive. We've got heaps and heaps of old bikes and stuff. One lady even donated a whole garage full that her husband had collected before he died! So, I'm quite pleased with that. Looks my me media relations skills are going A.O.K.

Media has just hit full throttle. It's all about accommodating for the media now. They want to know what's, who they can talk to, where good pic opps are, and on and on and on. I seem to be catering to their every little whim. Now when the actual event starts and we get them on site, that is when it is going to get interesting. I'm going to have to be looking out for them so they don't feel like we don't appreciate their support and direct them to spokespeople, people for pics, where to go, what to do yadda yadda. That's in the back of my mind as it's a little further away (2 DAYS!!!!!).

I'm trying to figure out my timetable! Where am I going and what am I doing? I'm starting to see that I actually won't get to see much of the event (or take part in as such). It's all going to be organisational, keeping things working and happening. Stupidly (well not really but I'll it was stupid anyway), I said yes to working on the bar, so my nighttimes, and the wee hours of the morning, are going to be spent pouring beers for happy TINA-ers. So I'm barring, photographing, media-ing and more.

I have already burst into tear three times today! Argh!


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